We Are Here To Serve You

At Venztech we offer more then just a electronic product, we offer a total package as manufacturer, as supplier, as service partner and as friends in business.

With our high capacity factory facilities in Shenzhen China we are able to design, develop, produce and finalize a product from A to Z. Products at Venztech are being made based on market trends, market requests and future innovation, we simply listen to the needs of global markets and our partners around the world in order to provide the best possible solution for you.

No country is too far for us, providing products from either Asia or Europe we are a one-stop supplier for our partners around the globe.

Service partner
Selling a product is simple, giving service and support are key elements for Venztech in order to provide unique solutions for you that are market- and future ready and to keep them up-to-date for you. A large share of our electronic products consist of software, software that keeps our products stand out from the rest. Our own global software team is always capable providing the right software solution for the right product giving it that “special touch” making us popular.

Friends in business
Business is important, having friends in business on whom you can rely is even far more important. Over the years we have showen to be trusted friends in business taking care of our partners, our mutual business and
to always be reachable as a team for you.

Why Are We The Best For You?

Design, develop, produce and sell high quality innovative solutions which will rock your market now and in the future with a team of experts behind giving you the right products, the right conditions, aftersales and support.
Since 2009 Venztech is active in the field of designing, developing, producing and selling Set Top Boxes, Android Boxes and related devices. We have combined this with a team of international business experts with over 15 years of experience bringing the rights products and strategy to you.
Even we have our own branded products, VENZ or TLBB it does not mean we have no other way to bring a “brand” to you, OEM & Branding is what we have doing since the start of our business, we are experts in this field and know what is needed to give you exclusive products and that special touch to make you stand out from the rest in your country or region. Any special request? Since we are a manufacturer possibilities are endless and we will always help you to find the right solution.


OEM & Branding

At Venztech we know what is needed to give a product a brand, if its one of ours or yours everything is negotiable. We are well experienced in OEM & Branding activities among our products. Just tell us your request for packaging, device or software branding and we will offer you a full serviced solution to work with.



Venztech is satisfied with a product or a sale when you are, we simply work and live for this. When you are satisfied with the product and solution we give, we will share the moment and be satisfied together with you.


Global service

With our facilities in Asia and Europe we cover global services, development, production, sales, logistics and aftersales service, we service the global market and no country is too far for us. We are experienced in shipping goods across the globe and know what is needed to bring goods safe and fast at your doorstep. Our team cooperates as a group and we support you in any time zone by various communication tools.